Piétrain loft: Frank Scherens en Louis Vangramberen (in memoriam +1/12/2015)

‘No change, no progress’ was Louis’ adage for years. He once had a thriving kit of white pigeons, his White Pigeons Farm. He crossbred them with meticulously selected black ‘pluizebollen’. Pedigrees were compared and – after ample deliberation – a couple of doves was selected for the experiment. By selecting the correct bloodline, black pigment was gradually added.
The Piétrain pigeon originated at Louis Vangramberen’s. The dove miraculously combines gorgeous feathers with a pattern similar to that of Piétrain pigs with the muscle tone fit for a animal that needs to perform in competition. Scherens’ and Vangramberen’s Black and White Collection has become world-renowned since and remains highly in demand at pigeon fairs.

Meanwhile another success story originated. Louis kept focussing on breeding by colour, but this time he wanted the result of this process to endure. And so it did, with several beautiful animals to show for it. In 2013, Louis en Frank begot some extraordinary birds (see pictures of Don Juan, Don Miguel, Don Pablo, Don Leo ...). Four magnificent ‘sons’ to a purebred Choco-Meulemans and a Schalie Janssens Gebr. hen. By the same token, Arthur 1506118/13 excels in all categories. He was the squab of a black cock bought in 2012 in Magdeburg, Germany and a Piétrain hen hatched in 2012. And thus the Piétrain Diamond Collection came to be. Exceptional animals in exceptional colours!

It all goes to show what perseverance, patience and love of the dove can lead to. A scoop with flying colours!

Published by Herbots, 2014